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Long-feature documentary by Fabianny Deschamps



91 min | 2024 | France

In northern India, there's a city where women come to seek refuge. Widowed, they have been stripped of everything because they bring misfortune, but they hope to find salvation in this open-air purgatory. Waiting for their next reincarnation, they turn tirelessly on a pilgrimage path, praising Krishna, their protector. And what if, to defy superstitions, they offered themselves one last dance ?


With Padma, Parashmani, Kamini, Pratima, Bassanti, Shobha, Radhe

Voice over : Twisha Deb

Written and directed by Fabianny Deschamps

In co-production with Paraíso (France)


Photography : Tommaso Fiorilli, Emmanuel Gras

Sound: Alexandre Hecker, Fabianny Deschamps

Original music : Olaf Hund

Editing : Anna Riche

Color grading : Emmanuel Fortin


With the support of CNC (Advance on Receipts), the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, the Île-de-France Region and SACEM

Workshops and festivals

2023 : Project selected for residency at Chalet Mauriac (France)

2023 : Projet selected at Films en cours, Festival Entrevues Belfort (France)

Director's note

Taking a staunchly opposing stance to exclusion, the film portrays this space for all, this enclave, both a "human dump" and a refuge. It stands with the women who are trying to escape their condition. For it is in this antechamber of death that life nonetheless persists and sometimes even flourishes. It is also this attempt at freedom, this quest for a possible escape, often fragile, threatened on all sides by economic precariousness, tradition, and omnipresent male authority.

Production's note

With FREE PARTY, while staying true to the style of her previous films, Fabianny fully embraces a documentary narrative for the first time, because here reality surpasses fiction. The City of Widows has been a longstanding concern for Fabianny. This place, which exposes the extreme violence and inhumanity of the female condition in India, has scarcely been documented, and it is imperative to bear witness to it. Fabianny stands with the women: their voices, their journeys, their lives, their faces, carry the film.

Fabianny Deschamps

After 12 years of studying theater in creative companies, at the Conservatoire, at the Cours Florent, and at the university, Fabianny Deschamps exhibited her installations at the Porto Santo Biennial of Contemporary Art in Portugal and at La Bellevilloise in Paris. Then, she directed two theater plays : MY FAMILY by C. Liscano at Plateau 31 in Gentilly and ELENA CEAUSESCU, SECRETS FILES by P. Rambaud and F. Szpiner at La Métive and at the National Stage of Aubusson.

As a filmmaker, she wrote and directed five short films (STORIES OF BONSAI, IN MY BOSOM, THE DEEP END, PASCOA, THE EDGE) broadcast on France 2 and awarded at international festivals. Her first feature film NEW TERRITORIES, shot in Hong Kong, and her second, ISOLA, shot in Italy amidst reality, were both programmed at the ACID at the Cannes Film Festival.

As a screenwriter, she co-wrote THE LOST BOYS with Pierre Erwan Guillaume and Erick Malabry in 2012 and the feature film RAPACES with Christophe Cantoni currently in development (Oriflammes productions).

Additionally, Fabianny Deschamps worked as a script reader and consultant for CNC and Canal + studiocanal and was the president of ACID in 2018.

She is currently developing a fantastic tale inspired by A REBOURS by Huysmans for cinema.


Fiction, 90 min, 2017, France/Tunisia/Italy

Cannes/ACID, 2016

Split Festival, 2016

Festival du nouveau cinéma de Montreal, 2016

Festa do Cinema  Frances, 2016

Best direction at Agadir Cinéma and Migrations Festival, 2016

Release France : 2017/12/06 (La Huit)



Fiction, 90 min, 2015, France

Cannes /ACID, 2014

Montreal World FF, 2014

Festa do Cinema Frances, 2014

Festival French May, 2015

Festival Entrevues Belfort, 2015

Release France: 2015/12/02 (ZED)



Fiction, 35 mm, 17 min, 2009, France

Produced as part of the extended series CYPRINE in collaboration with Jihane Chouaib, Katell Quillévéré, Maria Beatty and Florence Miailhe.

Festival Côté court de Pantin



Fiction, 5 min, 2017, Portugal

Produced as part of the campaign for the decriminalization of abortion in Portugal in February 2007


Fiction, 35 mm, 28 min, 2006, France

Award from the Picardie region screenplay competition

Lutin for Best Cinematography and Best Sound, 2007

Broadcast : France 2, Ciné-cinéma, TV5


Fiction, 35 mm, 18 min, 2004, France 

Nomination for the award Novais Texeira by Syndicat français de la critique

Clermont Ferrand /Labo, 2004

Broadcast : RTP 



Fiction, 35 mm, 17min, 2002, 2002

Prize-Winner of l’Eure du 7ème art (residency at moulin d’Andé C.E.CI)

Ciné-Guinguette Cannes, 2002

Bratislava Artfilm festival, 2003

Broadcast : RTP

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