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Feature-length documentary by Laurence Garret

In production

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This is the story of a man.

Former Marine in Iraq, Daniel Torres remembers the key moments of his life on a journey he undertakes from Salt Lake City, where he grew up, to Tijuana, his birthplace. Daniel Torres is Mexican. In 2004, he illegally enlisted in the U.S. Army. Arrested and deported, Daniel Torres tries to escape his demons, haunted by the idea that his grandmother's spirit is guiding him on his quest. Thanks to his determination, he succeeded in getting the cause of the expelled veterans re-considered.


Directed by Laurence Garret

Written by Laurence Garret and Juan-Manuel Sepúlveda

In co-production with Acqua Alta

Workshops and festivals

Director's note

« Although the return of the soldier is one of the most common motifs in film history, it is rarer to see the theme treated without the heroic gravity that the horror of war induces. It seems to me that this solemn dimension is imbued with a respect for authority and a sacralization of the men and institutions that orchestrate this violence.

I want to circumvent this feeling of respect and give space to a voice that questions the stories legitimizing horror. Daniel Torres, fighting the ghosts of multiple wars, carries this voice. What interested me about him is his rebellious side. An insolent young man, a veteran of the Iraq war, who also managed to legally defeat one of the most racist and xenophobic States in the world.

Every soldier is an exile. As Daniel Torres says, you can’t return home after going to war. For him, this situation multiplies. He carries in his soul the tragic destiny of a soldier condemned to switch trenches because he was born on the “wrong side of the border”.

I start from there, from his condition of eternal exile, to embrace the destiny of this man, so far from me and that I consider amazing, due to my pacifist convictions and my rejection of all forms of violence

Production's note

« In the documentary, the issues of post-traumatic stress disorder among former soldiers and the expulsion of illegal immigrants are primarily considered from a societal perspective. POSTER BOY allows us to feel the character's experience as a subject. The idea of equality is at the heart of the approach. The director provides a framework to allow her protagonist to regain control over the situations he has experienced. This movement of sharing that is established with Daniel and with the audience destabilizes the order and sweeps away the asymmetrical relationship maintained towards minorities. »

Laurence Garret

Self-taught, Laurence Garret moved to Morocco following an accident that led to several months of hospitalization at the age of 18. She participated in the creation, alongside Saïda Britel, of one of the first Moroccan production companies dedicated to advertising and audiovisual contents in Casablanca. Upon her return to France, she worked as a stylist for fashion photographers. Then, she decided to break away from this environment to focus on filmmaking. She shot her first 

self-produced movie in 2002 using archival Super 8 footage. She then trained in Lussas and directed LES CHEVEUX COUPÉS with the Group for Cinematographic Research and Trials. Engaged in film education since 2010, she leads workshops in schools for the French Cinematheque (Cinema, 100 ans de jeunesse). Elected to the Board of Directors of the Association of Documentary Filmmakers Addoc, she is an active member of the Observatory of Freedom of Creation, an association stemming from the League of Human Rights.


Doc, 2017, 85 min, France/Mexico

IFF Rotterdam, 2017
BAFICI, 2017

Geneva IFF, 2017

Black Canvas Contemporary FF, 2018

Broadcast : Ciné+



Exp doc, 2014, 55 min, France

Atlantida Film Fest, 2014

Different 7!/L'autre cinéma espagnol, 2014

Fonds Images de la culture/CNC

Broadcast : France 3 Corse


Exp fiction, 2008, W&B, 16 mm, 14 min, France

Jury's prize at Festival du film court de Grenoble, 2008

Premiers Plans de Angers/Section Figures Libres, 2009

International Festival of Young Directors of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, 2009

Etats généraux du film documentaire of Lussas, 2008



Doc, 2017, 52 min, France

Broadcast : Histoire, TLM


Doc, 2005, 70 min, France

Broadcast : France 3 Rhône-Alpes


Exp Fiction, 2003, Super8, 10 min, France

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